Free Website Submissions to Kick Start a Budgeted Site Promotion Campaign

A plan for free website submissions can help you get that new website off the ground quickly. It is certainly possible to make use of a web site submission service, but you might be just as interested in saving the money for other needs. With a little effort on your part, you can easily increase web traffic effectively with little or no cost. Here’s the scoop.

Whenever you first bring a new website live, you need to submit your web site URL to various search engines (SEs), search directories, even blog directories. The process needs to happen again every time you make major changes to your website. In this respect, you will need to make use of a site map for your web site. The sitemap will require a Google submission, along with some other major search engine submissions. This 4 part plan will help your website get found and start receiving traffic from search engines.

Start the process by first submitting your web site to the major search engines. All of the major SEs sites will allow free website submissions. Make sure you cover all the big – most important sites: Google, Bing, Yahoo, and This is not a definitive list, though. You will want to make use of other sites as well.

There are also many good search directories that you will want to submit URL for free as well. Most of them allow you to add your website at no cost, though it may take much longer than using their paid services. When submitting your web site for review at directories, make sure to include at least the following list: Open Directory, Scrub the Web, Exact Seek, Search Site, and Entire Web. These web sites will help to augment the work you’ve done with search engine submissions.

If you have a blog located on your website, then you will also want to add your URL for the blog to several of these type of free web site submission services: or Social media is becoming hot these days. In many cases, a well publicized social media article can bring you more website traffic than a search engine. That is why so many major corporations are getting into the social media game by developing a business strategy for the respective companies.

Having made use of the free submission websites for search engines, search directories, and blog directories, you will need to create a site-map for your web site. The major search engines will allow you to submit sitemap URL at no cost. The reason is simple, it is faster and more efficient for the major search engines to crawl your site-map. It will quickly give the search engines a fast way to capture all your unique, content rich material, plus links to all your major web site pages.

Via the four methods discussed, you can submit site for free very easily and jump start your web site traffic by getting found in search engines. The process of free web submission is easy, and does not require a large expenditure of time. You do not have to be real “tech savvy” to get this project done. Take some time, do some research, and you can find hundreds of web site submission service sites that will get your website noticed, without breaking the budget to do so.

After you are done with free website submissions, it’s time to get your site ranking well with web search engine optimization techniques. Happy hunting!

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