Why Do We Allow Our Government to Treat Our Small Businesses So Badly?

Yes, we sure hear a lot about the fact that over 70% of our jobs come from the small business community and we love to say America is the land of opportunity and the American Dream of owning you own business. Indeed, on the surface this sure sounds grand but I ask you; is the reality living up to the political rhetoric of the band? I would submit to you that’s it’s not, and that we need to take control of the situation and do something about it. We need to live up to our own standards, the ones we project, trumpet, and claim as truth. Let’s discuss this.

You see, when we really look at small business in America, we see the hardest working group of all getting pummeled by over regulation, litigation, and taxation. Yes, we have a Small Business Administration to help them, but that’s a complete joke. If you go to one of their government run seminars, and I have, I’ve even spoken at a few – mostly what you see is the careful explaining of all the licenses, regulations, and tax rules, basically how to fill out all the forms and what to do step-by-step – a myriad of barriers to entry and a laundry lists of additional costs, time delays, and explanation of the fines, and fees if you don’t.

That’s no way to treat a small business, our economic saviors, or a friend. We can do better than this, but instead we have an Administration promising to reduce the regulations and bureaucracy for small business by forming additional mini-bureaucracies within every agency. They will supposedly go over all the rules with outside input – regulators, bureaucrats, lawyers, consumer rights groups, borderline eco-terrorists, and embittered employees who don’t want to work but would love to file a lawsuit. Oh yes, and there is sure to be a “professional coach” facilitator in the group making sure everyone gets along and plays PC.

Are you kidding me, this is their answer to reducing small business regulations. My gosh we will have a half-a-million people living in the Mars Colony by the time a group like that ever gets along to change any burdensome regulations. Give me a frigging break! So, I ask; Why Do We Allow Our Government to Treat Our Small Businesses So Badly?

The reason is because they are the minority, small business owners only represent 10% of our population, even though they employ 70% of our workforce. Each small business is somewhat unique and generally can’t afford their own private lobbyist, and we all know if you can’t even talk to your elected representative unless you donate money to their campaign funds. Where is that money going to come from in an economy like this.

Our President, god bless his soul (I don’t really mean that), says he’s pro-business, but his idea of pro-business and working with business is government subsidies, give-aways, lucrative contracts, and providing tax credits for the products they sell – as long as of course they go along with his political will and socialist trends. That’s not pro-business, that’s somewhere between bribery and extortion – Chicago Mob style politics if I might use an analogy.

It’s time to tell President Obama that the small business community does not accept his solutions, does not trust his leadership, and is tired of his teleprompter readings. This is the real world, we need real action – not talk, not more committees bridging the gap to no-where. We need jobs and the only way to do that is to make it easy to start, run, and operate small businesses, so they can hire people, and we can straighten out the backbone of our economy. I am not pleased with this inaction, or pretendism. We must make drastic changes now. We cannot have innovation if our small business community is stuck in a rut.

Right now, they can’t go forward, everywhere they turn are more rules, and they can’t go back or they’ll lose decades of hard work, capital investment, default on loans, go bankrupts, and lose everything. And if things continue the way they are, the risk of someone filing a lawsuit and taking them to the cleaners is inevitable. We need real action – No more Obama-Talk. Please consider all this and think on it.

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